Keep any program/browser always on top

While working with different windows, we may need to have some particular window always on the top of the screen. VLC media player have this option available by default in the “Video” menu. So you can watch a movie or favorite song while developing some software to one of your important client or during a boring work in MS Word. But is this option available by default in Windows for all programs?

The answer is NO. Is there any way to have this option in Windows by default? Yes, we have a small(Really small, less than 194 KB) and simple tool, developed by the well-known blogger, Amit Aggarwal of By using this, it is very simple to keep your favorite program always on top. Just start this program by double-click on it and go to the window which you want to keep on top. And press Ctrl + Space. Done, you can have the anything like cricket score card, or favorite player or whatever you want always on your eyesight. And to remove it from top, again press¬†Ctrl + Space on top of window you don’t need it on top. Here is the link for the program created by Amit.

Always on Top will keep running in your system tray, and you can exit or suspend it by right-clicking on its tray icon and selecting exit or suspend, respectively.


Note: To have this one working, you have to start the program every time you starts the windows. But if you add this to your start-up programs, it will be available right from the window starts. Here is a small step for adding it to Windows 7 start-up,
Extract the file and create a shortcut by right-click on the program and choose “Create shortcut”. Now, you will have a new icon like this.

always-on-top Shortcut

Now go to,
All Programs -> Startup and right-click on it and select “Open” to open the folder, drag and drop the above shortcut into the opened folder. That’s it!

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